Kicka Leppänen

Meet your Purento Trainer!

I am Kirsti “Kicka” Leppänen, PhD, a vocologist, trained masseuse, and the developer and trainer of the VoiceWell® methodology.

The diversity of the human voice has fascinated me throughout my life, both in my work and my hobbies. I have progressed through many different stages in working life, from being a youth worker to a musical therapist and then graduating with my Master’s degree. As a trained masseuse, I have provided Voice Massage™ therapy for more than ten years.

Self-development and learning new things have always been at the heart of my work, and in 2003, I began studying at the University of Tampere, majoring in speech technology and vocology. My studies in voice research and practice are a passion for me, and as my studies progressed, I had the opportunity to complete a Doctorate degree in which I used various acoustic meters to investigate what the voices of female teachers are like in terms of their quality and longevity, as well as how various support measures could promote the vocal wellbeing of female teachers. I graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy in March 2012.

Alongside my academic research, I have gained many years of work experience in clinical work as a masseuse, and this combination sparked my interest in how I could put my research and skills to effective use in manual treatment work. Humans are fascinating entities in terms of their use of voice and how they carry their bodies, how the body resonates when talking or singing, and how, for example, the head position can affect the balanced functioning of the bite and jaws. These themes evolved over several years, resulting in the VoiceWell treatment entity in 2010, which I use today in my daily work with clients and teach to healthcare professionals.

You are warmly invited to attend my treatment sessions offering comprehensive wellbeing and my training courses to learn more about the fascinating world of body and voice management. I work as a VoiceWell carer and trainer at the VoiceWell centre in Tampere. In addition, I arrange supplementary training for speech therapists and other healthcare professionals on manual treatment approaches, as well as training related to the treatment of the occlusal muscles, especially for trained massage practitioners and people training to become massage practitioners.

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